What is a ropen?
According to the second edition of the book "Searching for Ropens,"
the definition is "any featherless creature that flies in the Southwest
Pacific and has a tail-length more than 25% of its wingspan." In recent
years, however, the word is used for any reported  featherless flying
creature that resembles a Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur, regardless
of where it flies. Although still unclassified (cryptozoological) as of
mid-2008, ropens have been investigated with expeditions in Papua
New Guinea for many years. But cryptozoologists have now moved
ropen investigations to the Western United States.
Objective reasoning about extant pterosaurs
One criticism of living-pteosaur investigations relates to religion: Most
explorers who have searched for ropens in Papua New Guinea have
been creationists. Before rejecting their research, however, consider two early scientists who founded modern scientific studies: Galileo and Newton, who believed in God and in the Bible (and so do modern creationists). Objective evaluation of the findings of creation scientists and explorers (who have interviewed eyewitnesses of living pterosaurs) requires reading the reports of those investigators; this requires putting aside the assumption that they are too biased to write any reasonable  scientific report. Read with an open mind.
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