Objective thinking
The degree to which we live the quality of objectiveness is proportional to our wisdom. Objectiveness is not created by giving equal time to divergent opinions; but when we possesses this virtue we consider the divergent ideas before arriving at any firm judgment or opinion.

Limited self-knowledge guarantees us not even limited objectiveness
(a clever imposter may know something of himself but nothing of the
ultimate penalty awaiting him, so he lives in a subjective bias). But if we are unaware of personal motivations objectiveness is beyond our reach, beyond our understanding of its nature: Know thyself.

The best protection against subjective bigotry comes from cultivating an unwavering desire for the complete truth.
What you will find in objectiveness.com
Much of what you'll find on this site may seem strange or unorthodox.
Living bioluminescent pterosaurs may seem paranormal. Cryptozoology may seem unscientific. Dragons legends, treated as is they contained
some truth, may seem far fetched. But please objectively consider the
reasonings and reserve final judgement until you've read the whole case.
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